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Zane Grey, Inc. is a privately held corporation which owns the copyrights and distribution rights of all the Zane Grey writings. This includes a published output of 61 novels, 14 full-length outdoor books, several novel length baseball and boys stories, as well as several hundred shorter works. All of this is contained in more than 80 volumes.

Zane Grey's writings are currently being published in hard cover, paperback and large print form, as well as being available in a large number and variety of audio-cassettes. Some of the 115 full length motion pictures made from his novels are also available in video-cassette form. Zane Grey, Inc. can offer licenses for use of the name, Zane Grey, for commercial purposes, as well as publication rights to many of the novels, outdoor stories and shorter works as well as movie rights for nearly all of the 61 full length novels that Zane Grey wrote.

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